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What to Expect with Pioneer Hearing Aid Center

We Answer Your Questions and Concerns about Hearing Aids

People with hearing loss have so many options with hearing aids. They can also have many questions about them. Sometimes the choice of the right hearing aid can be overwhelming, but the compassionate professionals at Pioneer Hearing Aid Center will help our customers in Marietta, OH; Parkersburg, WV; and the surrounding areas make the right choice. Our specialists sell state-of-the-art hearing aids. We factor in budget, lifestyle, and environment among other things when helping make the choice. When those with hearing loss make the right choice for them, they will notice a substantial difference in their hearing.

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Five Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing Aids

1. How Do I Know if I Need a Hearing Aid?

If hearing loss is affecting your life, like repeatedly asking others what they said or you are having trouble communicating with others, then it might be time for a hearing aid.

2. Will My Hearing Return to Normal with a Hearing Aid?

No. Hearing aids make a remarkable difference in most people, but they do not return hearing to normal. They also do not stop hearing loss over time.

3. Do I Need to Wear Two Hearing Aids if Both Ears Have Hearing Loss?

Yes. If you have a hearing aid in only one ear, the speech signal is lost before it gets to the ear with the hearing aid, while the noise level stays the same.

4. What is the Time Period for Getting Used to a Hearing Aid?

The length of time is different for each person. There is an adjustment period, and programming changes can help with the adjustment.

5. How Long Will Hearing Aids Last?

It varies, but hearing aids last for five to seven years. The lifetime of some hearing aids is longer than others. Some hearing aids might need repairs or replacement.

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