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Pioneer Hearing Aid Center continues to stay current with all new digital technology, as well as improved testing and fitting techniques.  Pioneer Hearing Aid Center is your best choice for the most cosmetic option that will improve your hearing. We are trained on all up-to-date processes and procedures in hearing aid fittings. We offer the latest technology available in the industry; while maintaining the most user friendly and stylish instruments at an unbelievable savings to you. Stop in or call us to schedule your free evaluation and meet our friendly and courteous staff. We will assist you and answer all of your questions.


Marietta Office:
450-E Pike Street
Marietta, OH 45750
Call: (740) 376-9980
Fax: (740) 376-9981
Toll Free: (800) 685-1760
Monday thru Friday 9AM-5PM


Woodsfield Office:
154 South Main Street
Woodsfield, OH 43793
Call: (740) 472-0404
Friday 10:30AM-4PM
By Appointment Only

Pioneer Hearing Aid Center News

What is a decibel?

July 13, 2018

Contributed by Debbie Clason, staff writer, Healthy HearingJune 28, 2018 The soft whisper of a grandchild sharing a secret, the loud blare of a fire truck's siren as it enters the intersection, the soothing melody of your favorite song on the radio. How do we measure the intensity of the sounds they make? Behold the humble decibel, a logarithmic way of describing a ratio between things like power, sound pressure and voltage. Decibels measure sound intensity Decibels express sound levels and  represent a ratio. Sound is energy that travels in waves and is measured in frequency and amplitude. Frequency, reported in Hertz (Hz), measures the number of sound vibrations in one second. Amplitude, reported on the decibel (dB) scale, measures its pressure or forcefulness....

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The link between hearing loss and high healthcare costs

July 06, 2018

Contributed by Marlaina Cockcroft, staff writer, Healthy HearingJuly 5, 2018 People who wear hearing aids might be improving more than their hearing. They might also be in better health overall, according to a recent study. Hearing loss can increase your spending on healthcare. The study, published in April, used 2013-2014 data from a national survey to evaluate the use of hearing aids among 1,336 adults age 65 or older with self-reported hearing loss. Of those, 602 used hearing aids and 734 didn’t. The goal was to measure overall health care spending as well as the number of emergency department or office visits. Hearing loss and hospitalization According to the study, the use of hearing aids was associated with a 2...

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