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Pioneer Hearing Aid Center continues to stay current with all new digital technology, as well as improved testing and fitting techniques.  Pioneer Hearing Aid Center is your best choice for the most cosmetic option that will improve your hearing. We are trained on all up-to-date processes and procedures in hearing aid fittings. We offer the latest technology available in the industry; while maintaining the most user friendly and stylish instruments at an unbelievable savings to you. Stop in or call us to schedule your free evaluation and meet our friendly and courteous staff. We will assist you and answer all of your questions.


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Pioneer Hearing Aid Center News

The connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline

October 12, 2018

Contributed by Marlaina Cockcroft, staff writer, Healthy HearingOctober 10, 2018 Does hearing loss cause cognitive impairment and dementia? And can you prevent or delay cognitive loss with hearing aids? These are tough questions to answer. The link between hearing loss and cognitive decline is still a puzzle for researchers. Multiple studies have tackled the issue. One meta-analysis from February analyzed 11 studies dating back to 2016 to find that older people with moderate to severe hearing impairment had a 29 to 57 percent greater risk of cognitive impairment than those with normal hearing. It did not find that wearing hearing aids reduced the risk. A 2016 study analyzing health insurance claims of 154,783 seniors concluded that hearing impairment increases the risk...

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Pulses of light restored hearing in gerbils

September 07, 2018

Contributed by Marlaina Cockcroft, staff writer, Healthy HearingAugust 29, 2018 Using light to target hearing issues may sound farfetched, but it’s not. Scientists say the new field of optogenetics could create cochlear implants that give people more natural hearing abilities. A new field called "optogenetics"  studies how light-sensitive proteins can be used to improve cochlear implant technology.  These cochlear implants skip past malfunctioning hair cells in the cochlea, the organ in the inner ear that translates sound, and connect with nearby auditory nerve cells to get signals to the brain. But it’s difficult to target the right nerve cells, which is why sound through these implants is frequently distorted. Optogenetics, which uses light-sensitive proteins to control living cells, could address that problem...

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