As a Starkey Hearing Technologies’ brand, Starkey is much more than the hearing aids they produce. Starkey is an experience. One that doesn't merely promise more, but delivers more: more communication, more participation, and more opportunities to do what you love to do.

That’s because, starting from day one, Starkey has operated under the single-minded purpose that “Hearing is our concern.” And it’s why, since day two, they've been committed to constantly improving the technology of hearing — and creating the best hearing aids possible.

From their pioneering R&D work and history of innovation to their patient-proven approach and American-made craftsmanship, Starkey has brought this purpose to life; building partnerships with the millions of people who wear their hearing aids, continually expanding their philanthropic efforts via the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and working every day to help people with hearing loss experience more.

Starkey believes that all new products should bring specific and measurable improvements to a patient's hearing. They ask patients and practitioners what features and improvements they want in their hearing aids — then they get to work.

In recent years, Starkey has answered patient demands for better sound quality in all environments, simpler controls and adjustments, faster processing, and hearing aids that are more discreet and attractive. In the process, they've set new standards for the industry. 

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