Parents: How to better protect your kids' hearing

Amanda Wright, 9NEWS 8:37 a.m. MST November 12, 20

KUSA – Pumping up the volume could have irreversible effects on a child's hearing.

Lisa Cannon, an audiologist for the American Speech Language Hearing Association, told 9NEWS children as young as 2 years old are using headphones. Headphone usage increases the risk for hearing loss as a child gets older.

Cannon says she's seen teens with hearing loss increase by 50 percent in the last few years. However, there is a way prevent damaged hearing.

Cannon suggests if a child wearing headphones can't hear you talk from an arm's length away, what they are listening to is too loud. Parents should turn down the volume and monitor the time a child spends with headphones on or earbuds in.

American Speech Language Hearing Association created a fun way to get the message across loud and clear. The organization is holding a special "Listen To Your Buds" concert for kids. The event will share music and some helpful tips to protect hearing health. Find out more about the event here:

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