Take A Shot For Hearing Loss Prevention!

Phillip Francis - In the world of electronic music, hearing loss is a very serious concern that is often overlooked. It’s easy to be taken away by the music and forget to put in your earplugs, even with the best technology out there. Hell, even when you remember them they can be relatively uncomfortable, and you often end up taking them out before the show is over.

But what if you could take a shot of liquid that would prevent hearing damage from ever happening? That is what Dr. Kathleen C.M. Campbell may have created and is testing for a completely different application: the military. Dr. Campbell has been testing a compound found in cheeses and other foods, called D-Methionine, on soldiers during their training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. D-Methionine is an antioxidant that is believed to stop molecules that are produced when the ear is exposed to high decibels.

Currently the compound is being tested exclusively on soldiers at Fort Jackson. It has been primarily developed by Dr. Campbell, but the Southern Illinios University School of Medicine owns the patent on the micro-nutrient compound. It comes in liquid form and is designed to be taken before experiencing loud noises, however Dr. Cambell believes it can be taken after being exposed to prolonged high decibels. The military offers the perfect testing ground for the compound because the M16 Rifle consistently registers at 155 decibels. Compare that to a jet taking off at 133 decibels. Audio devices max out at about 105 decibels.

The uses for this drug are almost limitless. Dr. Cambell sees this being available to the public for people in the manufacturing industry, loggers, factory workers, pilots, etc. Most notably for us: “A billion teenagers are putting themselves at risk through the din of clubs, concerts and even some sports events, the World Health Organization estimates,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Unfortunately, it is not known when this drug will be ready for the general public. Though it is important to note that generally human trials take around five years, according to the FDA. So we won’t see this drug anytime soon, but it is very cool to know that we could one day go to a rave, take a shot, and not have to worry about the damage being done to our ears. Would you take this revolutionary serum to protect your ears?

Source: Wall Street Journal