Team up with a local podiatrist to raise awareness of diabetes-related hearing loss‏

The first study from primary care to show that hearing loss is prevalent and has a strong association with peripheral neuropathy was recently published in Practical Diabetes. The hearing loss group in the study had almost twice the rate of at-risk feet.
The study authors called for clinicians to “consider routinely assessing patients for hearing loss” and “promote hearing conservation strategies and raise awareness, especially among younger patients with diabetes.”
The American Diabetes Association’s four-week diabetes awareness campaign—American Diabetes Association Alert Day®—provides a great opportunity for the hearing care community to raise awareness of the link between diabetes and hearing loss, which is about twice as common in people with diabetes. Alert Day kicks off on Tuesday, March 24, and runs through Tuesday, April 21.

Teaming up with a local podiatrist to offer hearing screenings in their office is one way to help raise awareness—both among diabetes care professionals and people with diabetes.

The Better Hearing Institute’s latest “Question and Answer” post provides the information you’ll need on the diabetes-hearing loss link. Feel free to share the link on social media, or to adapt the information for your own practice and local community. The study itself can be found at

Please remember that although the American Diabetes Association Alert Day® campaign runs for four weeks, the link between diabetes and hearing loss is a year-round issue.

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