Introducing the World’s First Full Family of Smart Hearing Aids‏

We’re excited to announce the launch of ReSound LiNX2 – the world’s first family of smart hearing aids.

ReSound LiNX2 is the new benchmark in smart hearing. Resound's second generation of smart hearing aids, now featuring Binaural Directionality™ II with Spatial Sense™, supporting your natural ability to detect where sounds are coming from. This allows you to better focus on the sounds you are most interested in while still maintaining a sense of what’s going on around you. With a full family of hearing aid models, ReSound LiNX2 offers top-rated sound quality and smart wireless connectivity in comfortable, durable designs.

We call it smart hearing. You will call it the most effortless hearing experience yet.

To learn more about ReSound LiNX2, download the materials below:

ReSound LiNX2 Patient Brochure (PDF)