Introducing Starkey's Halo BTE 13

Introducing Halo BTE 13



We are excited to introduce the new Halo™ BTE 13, our newest Made for iPhone® Hearing Aid. With the addition of the BTE 13 and our latest advances to our Made for iPhone Hearing Aids – the Halo family continues to break new ground leading the way in performance, personalization and connectivity.

Our benchmark operating system, BluWave® 4.0, is now at the heart of all Halo BTE 13 and RIC 13 products enabling us to continually optimize audibility, comfort and sound quality to deliver Starkey Superior Sound™. Halo delivers what people want:

    • A more natural listening experience through Binaural Spatial Mapping and Voice iQ™2
    • Superior audibility in noisy environments thanks to our multichannel adaptive solution to directionality, Acuity Directionality™ and Speech ID
    • Distortion-free comfort in loud situations with ISO-Clear Compression
    • Make control adjustments a thing of the past with Auto Experience Manager

    Starkey’s preferred TruLink™ Hearing Control app has been updated to include even more features that enhance streaming and hearing in noise to help your patients hear better, live better and have a healthier life. With Stream Boost, patients can have an automatic setting that boosts any incoming media stream for enhanced audio performance, while Comfort Boost allows them to aggressively reduce noise to optimize sound quality in noisy environments.